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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Canvas Project

Over the week of Thanksgiving I borrowed a 1968 VW Bug from a friend to do some Christmas Photography sessions. I had Charlie take a few of me before hand to show everyone what the set up would look like. I really liked how my pictures turned out, so I added them to a really large canvas. (That large picture is 8x10). Of course Christmas is over, and I will have to put this away till next year, but I thought I would show you a quick picture before that. Below you can also see a few of the pictures that I took that week-(none of these were edited-all straight out of the camera). I had so much fun, I took over 2000 pictures that week. I offered the sessions for $50 for 1hr. After I downloaded all of the pics I put them on a disk for them to have and do with as they pleased. Everyone got 200-500 pictures each. Part of the deal was that I would also edit a few in Photoshop CS3 for Christmas cards, framing or whatever they wanted to use them for (but not all 200+ pictures)
Check back tomorrow and see the cute cards I made for the owner of the bug as a Thank you/Christmas gift.
And by the way-I did get a total of 9 people to fit in the bug-it was tight and they complained a little, but it turned out really cute!

Friday, November 6, 2009


No project today, just some recent pictures. If I hadn't taken these myself, I might have thought they were yard statues.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Color Chef Challenge#1 and Photography

A new CTMH color challenge has been started over at KJ' Stamp Pad. This is the 1st round. Here is my card. I used white daisy ink on the edges and then heated it with the craft gun to dry. I love the white daisy ink, but always forget to use it.

Supplies from CTMH-Sweetleaf CS, Crystal Blue CS, Sweatleaf ribbon, White Daisy paper flower, Sweetleaf brad, White Daisy ink, Crystal blue ink, Say it with style stamp set.

Over the weekend I had a few chicks and a bunny and decided to set up a photo shoot for a few friends and family. These are some of my favorites! One day it was very windy and the next day it was cold but we went ahead with the shoot. Here in Lubbock, a calm day still blows about 2o miles per hour so we are all use to it.
I am still working on my photography skills, but I had a lot of fun doing it!